• Information flows freely

    and sometimes it's amazing where it ends up.

    VNC helps you to set up secure, tap-proof communication solutions.

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  • Stay focused

    in the office, at a client and on the way there.

    VNC develops web-based business solutions that can be used anywhere on earth, on any device.

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  • No fear of the Cloud!

    All advantages of the Cloud - without the risks.

    VNC provides outstanding hosting services für business data and applications, highly secure in VNCdatacenter.

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Secure Business Solutions

and reliable end-to-end service that helps you implement them.

Open Source Business Applications

For a new experience of working together.

VNC develops powerful Commercial Open Source software solutions enabling organizations and businesses to fully leverage their existing potential. Our solutions are not only significantly more affordable than comparable commercial offerings. They are also much more secure - on several levels.

Browser-based architectures and flexible interfaces enable users to access data and applications no matter where they are, or what device they are using. All information can easily be shared for collaboration with team members, partners, clients or suppliers, making sure that information only gets where it is intended to go.

Our products cover all major business areas - from secure communication and contact management, marketing and production to ERP and project management.

Software Engineering with high aspirations

Open Source software for business

We live Open Source.

We build software that follows the requirements of our clients - not the other way around. Our Commercial Open Source solutions and components are among the best available on the market. They are scalable and adaptable to any conceivable business need. We do not believe in vendor lock-in and unfair license agreements. But we do believe that the knowledge you have built should only be controlled by you, not by anyone else. That's why our source code can be checked for compliance with required security standards at any time.

VNC Consulting Services

Infrastructure Solutions

Perfectly integrated

The VNC business applications are perfectly tuned for each other, but can also easily be integrated with existing environments. This enables customers to either use individual solutions for specific business purposes or update their entire IT environment with modern, powerful business software that not only supports the business requirements of today but also those of tomorrow. 

VNC Infrastructure Services

Business Software

The right thing for everything

Leading enterprises like Google, Mozilla, Vodafone, Facebook, General Electric, DELL and HP are successfully using Open Source solutions that cover virtually every aspect of modern business. Open Source solutions made by VNC include software for secure communication and collaboration, mass storage and backup management as well as ERP, CRM, production planning, warehouse and project management. 

VNC Business Solutions

Everything you expect from a solid business solution. Made better.

VNC's Open Source business applications meet all requirements you have come to expect from a leading business solution, in terms of performance and feature richness. And while doing that, they are not only much more affordable, but also more flexible, more secure and more reliable. Reasons enough for the world's leading businesses to switch their IT to Commercial Open Source solutions.

Some of the companies working with us

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